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Voor de Facegrind enthousiasteling zal het volgende nieuws waarschijnlijk een verrassing zijn. De afgelopen drie maanden is Facegrind tot de conclusie gekomen een andere koers te gaan bevaren. Dit vanwege gebrek aan bewegingsvrijheid binnen het genre en vooral ook gebrek aan enthousiasme om langer door te gaan met deze muziekstijl. Laat er overigens geen misverstanden over bestaan: Facegrind zal blijven repeteren alleen zal er gepoogd worden het muzikale concept te verbreden. Zoals jullie kunnen voorstellen vergt zo'n onderneming behoorlijk wat tijd en daarom zullen jullie de komende periode waarschijnlijk weinig van ons horen. We houden jullie op de hoogte via onze website

For those of you who frequently visit this site, the next announcement will probaly come as a complete surprise, the past three months Facegrind slowly have to come to the conclusion that proceeding this musical course would no longer be very satisfactory. This mainly as the result of a lack of enthusiasm to play, and a lack of freedom of movement within metalcore. But let there be no misunderstanding! Facegrind will continue to rehearse and try to find a suitable musical concept. As you probably can imagine such an alteration takes a lot of time; there for you probably won't hear from us for quite a while. We'll certainly keep you update by way of this website.


We're sorry to mention that we have to cancel the shows in Rotterdam and Eindhoven. More info soon...


Added some new shows and a review.


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Added some new shows check out the gig section. Also added a new review from the Nu Of Nooit gig.


We would like to thank everyone for the great support in Vaals. We didn't won, but we had a great evening. We want to wish all the other bands good luck in the Nu Of Nooit finale.


Nog even over de bussen van vanavond... de bus vertrekt om 18:30u vanuit OJC Canix en zal daarna naar OJC Walhalla rijden. voor meer info mail ons.


Check out the download section for some more MP3 files taken from the promo.


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Wil je mee naar de voorrondes van 'Nu of Nooit' om Facegrind aan te moedigen of om gewoon eens op een andere locatie te zijn op vrijdag, meld je dan nu aan om mee te gaan met de bus naar ojc Spuugh in Vaals.

Mail dan je naam, e-mail adres en telefoonnummer naar Niek.

Hoe laat en waar de bus vertrekt krijg je dan zo spoedig mogelijk per mail te horen.

Voor meer informatie bel of mail Niek (06-14287461, Niek@facegrind.eu)


Thanks for the great support friday at the Metal Battle. But sad but true we didn't won. there whas one point difference between us and the first place. We would like to thank all bands for sharing the backline and for the great night.


Do you wanna see Facegrind on the dutch Metalfestival Walrock, bring out your vote for Facegrind on the www.waldrock.nl



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We had a great tour in Zwitserland. We would like to thank everyone who supported is the last week. Specialiy Doris and Elvis and everyone in Winti rockcity. And we will come back next year.

Facegrind will play at the metal battle band competition check out the gig section.


Added some more pictures, gigs and flyers.


Facegrind is added to the Nu Of Nooit bandcontest, check SPL.


There is a new song in the download section. Go there and download I.S.T.

He He at last some news, our promo-cd is finished. it features 3 new songs recorded at Erwin's Toneshed studio. We are sorry but the promo is not for sale. We are trying to get a sort of recorddeal with the promo. If this doesn't work out we will bring out 6 songs on our own.

Our friend Tammi from Collision is helping us with building a complete new site. It will be in style of our Promo-cd. We don't know when it is finished but you will see.

In December Facegrind is going back to the mountains of Switserland. Our freinds from the band Hukedicht are planning some shows for us. More info will follow.

There are some new shows, Check out the gigs section.


We want to thank everybody who helped or supported us during our tour in Switserland. Flitz and Hirscheneck, Tobias and Koko, Im widder, Doris, Elvis, Lucas and the rest of the guys from Huckedicht thanks. We had a motherfucking great time. We'll hope to see you all soon if we might come back.


Check out the gigs section for some new shows and the dates for Switserland. Thankx to Doris and Hukedicht we'll see you in three weeks.

The gig 10 may in ojc Walhalla will not be in Walhalla but in Canix Lottum. There was a fire last week in Walhalla. they are cleaning the place, but the venue won't be open for a month.

Facegrind has recorded 6 songs last weekend.Erwin Mangled Hermsen did a great job, the sound is motherfucking great. We are trying to find a recorddeal with this material. Otherwise we'll bring this material out in juli/august on our own.


Facegrind goes back to Switserland for a smal tour in May. Two gigs are confirmed already. For dates check out the gigs section.

Facegrind will record the second EP in April.

Bas (our gitarist) is organizing a HC-festival in Nighttown Rotterdam on sunday 4 april 2003 with a great line-up.


Some great news. We are going to the studio !!!!!!! In April we will record some songs in the studio from Erwin Hermsen. Erwin is known from his fat sound and has a lot of experience in the Hardcore and Metal sound. So keep checking out this side for more info.

there are two songs from Facegrind at the compilation CD "Never Surrender Never Give In #3". The compilation is a product of Forgotten Recordings. Check out www.forgottenrecordings.com for more info.


the Show in Panningen (metro) is transferred to may.


Merry X-mas and a smashing new year. See You friday 3 jan. Effenaar Eindhoven. Be early because we have to play at 19:30.

The show in Metro Panningen will be saturday the 1st of february .


There are some new shows in the gig section.

We have been to Switzerland with Facegrind. Had a great time, and did a concert in Winterthur. The reactions of the audience were very good. Some people we met over there are helping us to do some more shows in Switserland, and we'll probably go back in may for more shows. Thanks to Luz, Elvis, Huckedicht & Doris

The Show in Metro Panningen was cancelled because of the tragically death of a volunteer from the venue. We wish all the best to the family and friends.


Check out the gigs section, there are some new gigs added. There will be more shows in december and january but they aren't confirmed yet,


Sorry that this is the first update since the beginning of august. Busy, Vacation, and Lazy are my lousy excuses.

There will be a great fest on 13th of December in the Metro in Panningen. Dinite, Facegrind and Born from Pain will be the line up.

We also have new recording plans, We probably will be in the studio in September to record a new promo with 4 new songs, that will be released in January.


Today is our international debut we are going to play in Germany. There are some more pics in the picture section. The pictures are taken in Canix Lottum.


Check the picture section, there are some pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you want to see Facegrind Perform live, Friday 28 June - Rockcafee Stairway to, Apeldoorn (Defeat, Painted Smile, Facegrind and more). For more dates check the gigs section.

Check out www.insideknowledge.net. This very complete hardcore E-zine did a review about our MCD Lost and you can also find us in their bandprofiles (you can download the three songs from our MCD in the sounds section).

There will be no Facegrind shows in August and October. Bas will be in Cambodia for a vacation in August and Mike will be in Australia during October. The rest of the band continues the rehearsals and will work on some new material.


Welcome @ the Facegrind homepage. At first we want to thank our friend Joep for helping us out with the start of this page. From now on we will change this site bit by bit and update it every week.