Our band FACEGRIND is founded in the Dutch village Sevenum and plays a mixture of hard- en metalcore.
During the summer of 2000 we started changing the repertoire of our former band No Compromise, a so called fresh start, simply because we were fed up with the songs we had at the time.
Although the first new songs were being produced, we still hadn't encountered a suitable new name. That situation came to an abrupt end after a not recommendable and very painful action, performed (on a certain four wheeled wooden board) by our drummer. FACEGRIND perfectly fits our style of music: it's a rude butt well-composed blast of guitars, vocals, bass-guitar and drums.
Not convinced?
Then there's nothing left to do visit one of our gigs and see that we're all devoted to our music and trying to give the crowd 'one hell of a time'.
Have a go!